How to Unlock a Dewalt Miter Saw: Step By Step

Dewalt miter saws are great because they can cut very accurately and are pretty sharp. It can easily cut through most woods, however, if you recently bought a Dewalt miter Saw it may be tough for you to unlock it. So in this article, I will guide to through all the steps necessary to gain access to a locked DeWalt Miter Saw:

To unlock a Dewalt Miter Saw, follow these steps:

How to Unlock a Dewalt Miter Saw?

Unlock a Dewalt Miter Saw

Part One: Removing the head by removing the lock pin

Step 1: Unlock the saw 

Before unlocking the saw, it is important to first find the location of the power cord and then unplug it.

Step 2: Look for the pin 

Look for a metal bump( pin ) from the base of the handle of the rail. Go behind the knife for safety reasons and search for the handle up the knife. See down and locate the fence from the upper part to the lower leg. Search for a tiny pin protruding from the side. Usually, this is in the rail, on some different saw; it may be outside.

Step 3: Lowering and activating the saw handle

Put your hand on the handle, and with consistent pressure, click it down. Maintain pressure on the button until the handle has been lowered a few centimeters. Maintain your grip on the handle to ensure that the mechanism remains in its active state.

Step 4: Detaching the saw from the rail

To operate the saw, simply remove the pin from its slot several times. While you keep pressure on the handle, get a firm grip on it using the hand that’s not busy. Carefully pull it away to detach it from the rail it is attached to.

To remove the pin, draw it out until you cannot, usually between one and two inches. You are free to move the knife of your saw at will now that it has been freed.

When the pin protrudes out, the saw’s locking mechanism is released. Always check to see that this pin is in its proper location before picking up your saw and changing it.

If you remove this pin from Dewalt compound sliding saws, you can adjust the height of the saw on the rail to which it is attached. To secure it in place, turn the knob at the upper part of the large bracket, where the rails move backward and forwards. Turning this knob in a counterclockwise direction will help you secure it.

Step 5:Securing the Saw and Locking the Blade

To secure it, you must first fully click the grip and insert the pin. Before locking the saw, make sure the knife is lowered by clicking the grip down until it stops moving. 

After that, reinsert it into the rail so the blade cannot be moved from its current position. If the edge is stuck, it can be determined by drawing out the handle while simultaneously pressing on the pin. If the grip does not move, the saw is secured in its locked position.

Always ensure that the saw is locked while it is not being used. Keeping the blade open at any time is bad, even if the saw is turned off and unused.

Part Two: Adjusting the Compound Saw’s Rail 

Step one:  Locating and adjusting the guide rail

When you are checking the last part of the guide rail, search for a black lever to be there. You must go to the front of the saw to adjust the guide rail that leads the saw through your cut.

Follow the parallel guide rail to the end of the tool, which is the most distant point from the grip. Find a black lever that projects from the end of the saw and look for it. The rail position may be altered by turning this lock handle in the appropriate direction.

The term “guide rail” refers to the flat surface that the saw blade makes contact with as it moves forward. Bevel cuts are accurate cuts that are carried out at angles that are not 90 degrees, and this rail on compound miter saws may be modified so that they can conduct these cuts.

Step two: Releasing the locking mechanism and moving the rail

To move the rail, use the button just above the black lever. If it points downward, raise it until it is level with the guide rail. 

Next, look carefully at the top of the lever to see whether or not there is a little black button at that location. Clicking this button will release the locking mechanism on the guide rail. One finger should be used to press and maintain pressure on this button carefully. 

The rail may then be moved in any direction to change the cut’s angle.

The guide rail becomes immovable when the lever is in the lowest position.

Use the angle guide at the miter saw’s base to align your blade with the proper angle if you need to cut at a certain angle.

Step three: Locking the guide rail at the desired angle

Press the lever down, then let go of the button, and the rail will be locked. When the compound miter saw is positioned such that it is resting at the correct angle, you may let go of the button. The lever should, therefore, instantly snap into the locked position as soon as pressure is applied to the end of the lever. 

The guide rail is locked while the lever is in the down position, so when you cut, the angle at which you are cutting stays the same.

The lever’s positions are up and down. No matter where you set it, you’ll hear a click every time you move it, you’ll hear a click. Now you can successfully unlock the Dewalt Miter Saw.

Final Words

Hope you have got complete idea about how to unlock a Dewalt Miter Saw. If you pay attention to and properly carry out each step as directed, you will easily finish the task.

It would be difficult to accomplish while performing it for the first time. Once you get accustomed to it, everything will become easy and straightforward for you. It’s possible that some of the pieces on your miter saw will have a design that’s different from the one described here, depending on whatever model you have.

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