How to Fill HPA Tank with an Air Compressor?

You can fill the HPA tank with an air compressor at the nearest gas station or home. Taking your HPA tank to the gas station might cause extra money and time. If you want to fill an air compressor by yourself, you must learn how to fill HPA tank with an air compressor correctly. The air compressor and HPA tank are hazardous tools; doing anything wrong might cause a serious accident.

Having the best air compressor is advantageous for both home improvement jobs and relishing outdoor fun. It generates air for the HPA tank to operate a paintball gun, which is thrilling to play. However, the procedure is quite risky.

This blog will discuss a simple yet direct technique for filling an HPA tank with an air compressor. You will also learn some effective tips to complete the filling procedure safely and successfully.

What is an HPA Tank?

What is an HPA Tank

An HPA tank is a high-pressure air tank frequently used in paintball guns and airsoft. The air in the tank is compressed from 3000 to 4000 PSI, which is much upper than the pressure in a regular air tank. This high-pressure air permits the gun to shoot further and more precisely than a standard air gun.

How to fill HPA tank with an Air compressor: Guides

Tools required:

  • Air compressor
  • HPA tank
  • Nozzle
  • Hose
  • Safety equipment

You are ready to fill your HPA tank when you have all the equipment. Be sure to wear safety glasses beforehand, following the steps below.

Inspect the HPA Tank

You have to check the tank’s air pressure with its pressure gauge. Check the PSI, so you recognize how much air to add. Maximum HPA tanks have a maximum pressure of 850 PSI. But it is always best to check your specific tank’s limit.

You should scrutinize the HPA tank and confirm no damage or leakage marks. A leak will block your tank from filling, possibly leading to a severe injury. Do not proceed if your tank has a leakage. Instead, you must contact a professional to repair it or replace it.

Release the Air in the Tank

If there is any pressure build-up in the tank, release it beforehand, continuing to the next step. Open the Valve plus let the air out until the pressure gauge reads zero PSI. You will want to do this in a well-ventilated zone so the air can disperse.

Setup Compressor

It is time to set up the Compressor! Connect both nozzles from the HPA tank and the Compressor with the air hose, using an adapter if essential. Check all fitting to confirm they are compatible and safe to avoid leaks.

Slowly Fill the Tank with Air

When it is connected, switch on the air compressor. Now, you could start filling the tank with air. Gradually open the Valve and let the air in until the pressure gauge reaches the preferred PSI. Be certain to fill it slowly since filling it too quickly can disturb the pressure balance and cause the tank to malfunction.

If you are using an anti-siphon device on the end of the hose, be certain to open the Valve on that. This will help stop any liquid from getting into the tank and damaging it.

Measure PSI

You have to maintain the correct PSI for the air that you need. If the maximum PSI of the Compressor does not match what is required in the HPA tank, you will not be able to fill it with your wanted air. During the filling procedure, keep an eye on the pressure gauges of the HPA tank and the compressor pressure switch to measure when you have the correct amount of air in the tank.

Close the Valve plus switch off the Compressor

Once the tank has reached the wanted PSI, close the Valve and switch off the Compressor. Removing the nozzle, and disconnecting the hose from the fill station or adapter. If you use one, consider closing the Valve on the anti-siphon device.

Check for Leaks

Even if you did not find any leaks before, it is always a good idea to check again afterward filling the tank. This is because the high pressure could sometimes cause leaks that were not there before.

Store HPA Tank

Finally, find a safe place to store your HPA tank now that it is full. Avoid any open areas as they are risky, so target to place them in a secure area at home, otherwise close to the project.

Safety tips for filling HPA Tanks with an Air Compressor

Safety tips for filling HPA Tanks with an Air Compressor

The following tips are indispensable to remember whether you are filling your HPA tank at the gas station or at home:

HPA tanks have a hydro date that specifies the last time of inspection. To confirm better maintenance, re-inspect the tank once every five years.

Do not put oil or grease on the nipple of an HPA tank. The filling process builds up heat that could warm those lubricants and lead to a fire.

Neither should you store the tank straight, leave it in a hot car, or under sunlight. It is mostly commended for all paintball tanks as it can upsurge pressure and damage the CO2 tank. Though HPA tanks will not be over-pressurized, excess heat can harm their regulator seals.

Use a fabric bag or a tank cover to protect the tank from the atmosphere.

During the filling procedure, keep the speed slower. Filling the tank too rapidly can cause a loss of psi. For instance, it could air-filling at 2500 psi while your tank is at 3000 psi. It is very important to remember if you are filling the tank at home.

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Could you fill up a paintball tank with an air compressor?

Paintball guns are driven by compressed gas, which requires to be filled from 3,000 to 4,500 PSI. So you will need a heavy-duty air compressor with accessories for filling the paintball tank. Compressed air offers better performance for paintball guns, and some stores can correctly refill the tank. 

How do you fill an air tank with a compressor?

When you hook the Compressor’s hose to the air tank and the Compressor is switched on, it will start filling the air tank. The trick is to keep an eye on the pressure gauge; thus, you know when to detach the hose and turn the Compressor off when the air tank converts full.

Can you fill an HPA tank at a gas station?

You could refill your portable HPA tank from all gas stations with air pumps. It is cost-efficient but can take some transportation. You will have to discover the paintball refill stations to refill the paintball air tanks,

Final Words

It will be straightforward when you learn how to fill HPA tank with an air compressor. The whole process is simple; it will not put you in trouble. But maintaining the safety process is always recommended, particularly when working on the air compressor. Therefore wear your protective gear, check the tank’s leakage, and store it correctly.

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