7 Best Drill for Mixing Thinset

Mixing thinset is a slower process that requires higher torque at a lower speed consistently. So, whether you are tillers or construction man, you must use the best drill for mixing thinset.

Otherwise, it can cause air bubbles or end up with a completely messed-up project. In the following, we have reviewed some of the best drills that are specially designed to mix thinset, mud, mortar, or other concrete materials efficiently.

DIYers Pick: 5 Best Drill for Mixing Thinset

backpac DEWALT Electric Drill,
Spade Handle
Color: Yellow/black
Voltage: 120 Volts
Speed: 550 RPM
Weight: 3.8 Pounds
10.88 x 13.06 x 4.88 inches
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backpac VonHaus Heavy Duty
Mud Mixer Drill
Color: Orange/Black
Material: Metal
Voltage: 120 Volts
Speed: 700 RPM
Dimensions: ‎16.8 x 13 x 4.4 inches
Check Price
cordlessblower Makita DS4012
Spade Handle Drill
Color: Paste
Voltage: 110 Volts
Speed: 600 RPM
14 x 4 x 13 inches
Weight: 7.7 Pounds
Style: ‎Variable Speed
Check Price
cordlessblower Genesis GSHD1290 Color: Grey/Green
Weight: ‎8.8 pounds
Dimensions: ‎12 x 3.1 x 9.6 inches
Voltage: 120 Volts
Speed: 850 RPM
Material: Metal
Check Price
cordlessblower BOSCH Mixer with
Color: Blue
Voltage: 120 Volts
Weight: ‎6.6 pounds
Size: 5″ by 8″
Material: ‎Rubber
Speed: 700 RPM
Dimensions: 14 x 2.5 x 10 inches
Check Price

These are highly versatile drills that will help you to find out the best types of drill for mixing projects. For your better understanding, we also include some thinset mixing drill buying tips and a know-how guide on mixing thinset properly.

Top Mixing Drill

DEWALT: Best Electric Drill for Mixing Thinset

  • Design with a variable speed reversing switch, this thinset mixing drill will give you a perfect start at low speed and prepare a creamy butter-type mix while avoiding air bubbles.
  • This concrete mixing drill has a max speed of 550 RPM to deliver increased torque essential for mixing thinset, mud, and drilling on a hard surface.
  • Equipped with a 9-amp, 120V motor, this corded thinset mixing drill is powerful enough to conquer any mixing and drilling applications.
  • It includes a 3-position soft grip handle so the DIYer can mix thinset slowly and consistently from the best angle without causing hand fatigue.
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  • Brand:  DEWALT
  • Color: yellow and black
  • Max voltage: 120 Volts
  • Max speed: 550 RPM
  • Product weight ‎3.8 pounds
  • Warranty: 3-years
  • Customer’s rating on Amazon: 4.8 out of 5

Several years ago, when there was no specially designed drill for mixing thinset, DEWALT came forward to relive the tile setter’s tiresome experiences. The electric drill has all the specifications required to mix thinset consistently, efficiently, and perfectly.

The thinset mixer drill is powerful enough to let you mix a whole bag of thinset at a time. Apart from thinset, this DEWALT mixing drill is suitable for mixing mud, grout, or self-leveling concrete, making the drill versatile for any type of mixing project.

  • It’s the best drill for mixing thinset in terms of quality, construction, and even price. This corded drill is powerful and versatile for a multi-functional task. Even this affordable corded drill includes a chuck key, a holder, and a rear handle.

  • This corded drill is slightly difficult to operate from the horizontal position, and the handle isn’t made from quality material. Otherwise, the drill is extremely durable.

Runner Up

VonHaus: Heavy Duty Thinset Mixer Drill

  • This mud mixing drill has a dual-functional spade handle for efficient mixing and drilling applications.
  • Comes with 360 degrees rotating handle, this best budget thinset mixing drill will let you drill and mix from the most comfortable angle.
  • This corded drill is designed with a 10-amp motor to maximize the performance during mixing thinset, mud and cement or drilling through tough surfaces.
  • For improved convenience, the manufacturer includes forward/ backward control, and a lock-on button in this mixing drill.
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  • Brand: VonHaus
  • Color: Orange/Black
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Max speed: 700 RPM
  • Product weight: ‎7.86 pounds
  • Customer’s rating on Amazon: 4.4 out of 5

Looking for the best budget drill for mixing thinset without compromising power and versatility? Then this VonHaus Heavy Duty Drill Mud Mixer will be your way to go. Though this compact-sized mixing drill is available at a considerably low budget, it has a 10-amp motor and a variable speed rotary dial switch with a max 700 RPM speed.

Combining these features, this corded drill is ready to deliver extremely powerful performance on both mixing and drilling projects.

  • This best value thinset mixing drill is perfect for both drilling and mixing projects. The corded drill is also powerful enough to withstand consistent and high pressure during the mixing of thinset, mud, or cement for a long time. It has lots of convenient features for the user’s comfort.

  • This thinset mixing drill is slightly loud and doesn’t include any chuck key holders.

Premium Pick

Makita: Spade Handle Drill for Mixing Thinset

  • Design with an 8.5 AMP motor and variable speed up to 600 RPM, this corded drill is powerful enough to mix 5 gallons of mixing quickly at a time.
  • It has a forward and reverses lever so the operator can mix the thinset, mud, or grout while avoiding air bubbles.
  • This concrete mixing drill is made of all ball-bearing construction to withstand high pressure and offer a longer service life.
  • The corded drill includes a D handle with a rubberized grip for multi-position operation and improved comfort.
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  • Brand: Makita
  • Max voltage: 110 Volts
  • Max speed: 600 RPM
  • Product weight: 7 pounds
  • Customer’s rating on Amazon: 4.7 out of 5

Next, we have a dedicated mixing drill from Makita. This thinset mixing drill is highly compact and lightweight to mix gallons of thinset without causing fatigue. This Makita mixing drill is a handy option to get perfectly mixed thinset, mud or cement preventing air from impregnating it, thanks to its speed trigger and D handle.

Comparing the other thinset mixing drill, this item may seem lightly expensive. But features like board chuck kit storage, ball bearing construction, and double insulation make it superior to other standard drills out there.

  • It’s a lightweight yet powerful thinset mixing drill. The corded drill is also highly durable and convenient to use with a 1/2″ drill chuck and chuck key storage. Its 360-degree rotating handle also makes the mixing drill user-friendly, while the powerful motor makes it versatile for a wide range of drilling and mixing tasks.

  • It doesn’t allow you to mount a handle at the side which makes the operating task more efficient. At this price, the manufacturer should offer some accessories or at least a carrying case.

Best Budget

Genesis: Electric Thinset Mixer Drill

  • This powerful corded drill has a dial control variable speed trigger that produces up to 850 RPM speed to mix thinset, paint, or mortar more quickly.
  • It includes three different types of handles that can be mounted on the side to get better control over the drilling and mixing tasks.
  • The thinset mixing drill is constructed with a powerful 9.0-amp motor for mixing thicker drywall mud, thinset, or drill through solid surfaces quite efficiently.
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  • Brand: Genesis
  • Color: Grey/Green
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Max speed: 850 RPM
  • Product weight: ‎8.8 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Customer’s rating on Amazon: 4.2 out of 5

This Electric thinset and concrete mixer drill offers high torque at low speeds, making it the best drill for mixing thinset. Even this electric mixer drill will mix the thinset or mud so powerfully that you may need to hold the bucket from turning.

Another highlight feature includes a lock-on button to lock the speed after depressing the trigger. Apart from it, this mud mixing drill features a powerful motor, ½” inch chuck, and a variable speed trigger for convenient drilling and mixing projects.

  • This corded drill is perfect for mixing thinset quickly and drilling through solid surfaces. The drill also comes with plenty of accessories to make the drilling or mixing task more convenient, while it’s ½” inch chuck makes the drill perfect for mixing or creating large holes.

  • This mixing drill is slightly heavier than competitors, and some customers complain that it is too noisy.

Best Overall

BOSCH GBM9: Drill for Mixing Thinset

  • Its 9.0 amp all-ball bearing motor produces huge torque, while accurate steel gears deliver up to 700 RPM speed for faster drilling and mixing.
  • The thinset mixing drill is designed with a lightweight housing, making it durable yet easy to use.
  • This corded drill has a two-finger trigger and a lock-on button for a safe and accurate thinset mixing job.
  • Equipped with a 360-degree rotatable D handle to maximize the user’s comfort and control.
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  • Brand: BOSCH
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Max speed: 700 RPM
  • Product weight: 6.6 pounds
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Customer’s rating on Amazon: 4.7 out of 5

A corded drill with a 9.0-amp motor, 700 RPM speed, and a 1/2-inch chuck isn’t something exceptional, right? But why is this Bosch GBM9 Mixer drill still so popular among DIYers and enthusiasts? Because it has robust keyed chuck design and extra-long 8-ft. rubber cord.

It means this Bosch mixing drill will let the operator insert a large variety of drilling and mixing accessories into this corded drill for a variety of applications. More importantly, its extra-long cord will ensure greater versatility on the worksite.

  • This Bosch GBM9 Mixer Drill is a serious drilling and mixing machine that you can use regularly and continuously. This thinset mixing drill also comes at a decent price while offering top-notch performance designed with tough quality functions.

  • Some customers complained that the drill doesn’t have any trigger lock while advertised as having one.

Customer Choice

F2C Pro: Handheld Electric Thinset Mixer

  • This thinset mixer has a heat radiation system on the top for mixing the thinset or grout properly, avoiding dust going inside.
  • With a dual speed button, this mud mixer produces up to 700rpm speed to apply the right speed whenever required.
  • Constructed with a 1,600-Watt motor, this mixer tool is powerful enough to mix any thicker material efficiently.
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  • Brand: F2C
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Max speed: 700 RPM
  • Product weight: 24.1 pounds
  • Customer’s rating on Amazon: 4.4 out of 5

This F2C Pro Handheld Electric Thinset Mixer is another budget-friendly option on our list. It’s an especially designed mixer tool that comes with a pack of functions essential for mixing thinset, grout, mortar, and cement efficiently.

Firstly, it has an ergonomic handle so the upper can gold the mixture and sometimes move up and down easily for perfect blending. With a combination of a dual-speed control motor and 7 different speed settings, this thinset mixer is a must-have tool for any seasonal DIYer.

  • This thinset mixer tool is ergonomic, durable, and powerful to mix thicker cement, concrete, or thinset smoothly. The mixer is also convenient to use with its variable speed setting, powerful motor, and solid construction.

  • The thinset can burn up and produce a smell due to mixing a large amount of thinset at a time. Hence, it is recommended to mix in small batches.

Alternative Choice

Maxx: Spade Handle Thinset Mixer Drill

  • This 1/2-inch drill mixer delivers professional power and torque with its ball-bearing 9-Amp motor for perfect drilling and mixing tasks.
  • It has a Forward and Reverse Trigger to avoid air bubbles during mixing thinset and prevent jamming during drilling tough materials.
  • It has a multi-positioned auxiliary handle and a rear spade D-handle for increased convenience during mixing thicker fluids or thinset.
  • This thinset mixing drill delivers up to 600 RPM speed and the outstanding torque required for proper mixing tasks.
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  • Brand: MAXXT
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Max speed: 600 RPM
  • Product weight: 6.61 pounds
  • Customer’s rating on Amazon: 4.5 out of 5

This Maxxt Drill Mixer Set is our last recommendation for the best drill for mixing thinset. This mixing drill comes with plenty of handy accessories required for mixing thinset, mud, or concrete. It means you don’t need to invest extra while this drill mixer itself is available at a considerably lower price.

For the improved thinset mixing operation, the manufacturer includes a 9-amp motor, a rotatable D handle, and a variable speed trigger in this mixing tool. Another attractive feature includes a carrying bag to keep all the accessories and drills well organized and convenient to carry.

  • This complete set of thinset mixing drills is an excellent choice for the home remodeling task for a novice DIYer or homeowner. the drill is extremely powerful and durable to mix different types of fluids conveniently. Overall, it’s the best value drill for mixing thinset.

  • This thinset mixer doesn’t have a lock-on button. So, safety measures aren’t superior.

Factors to Pick the Best Drill for Mixing Thinset

 Investing in the best thinset mixer drill is essential for having the perfect blend. But a wide range of options misleads you through the wrong drill. Still, you can pick the right drill for your thinset mixing project by tracking some key factors. They are:


Remember, the higher the RPM, the better the thinset mixing drill. Mixing thinset tasks requires consistent power and higher RPM for proper blending.

Even you will find that a drill with a higher RPM is still effective for any heavy-duty jobs after completing the thinset mixing project. So, pick a drill that has at least 500 RPM or higher.


A thinset mixing drill must be durable so it can withstand continuous use and last for years. Factors that affect the durability of a drill are quality of material use, construction, functionality, and built-in technology. In this case, a drill that is made of all-ball bearing construction and a magnesium front housing will ensure improved durability.

Increased Torque

Generally, torque is a driving pressure that rotates a drill. Thus, a drill with higher torque delivers a more powerful performance. When it comes to mixing thinset, medium torque is good enough. However, it’s recommended to pick a drill with higher torque and speed to drill through the tough surface.

Variable Speed

This is the factor that makes a drill multi-functional to handle various types of applications. You will find this feature handy during mixing thinset as it needs to adjust speed frequently for perfect blending, avoiding bubbles. Variable speed settings are also essential for starting any mixing or drilling project safely.

Ergonomic Handles

As you know, mixing thinset is a slower project. So, you have to hold the drill for a long time consistently. Hence, make sure the thinset mixing drill you pick has an ergonomic handle. It means the handle should offer a perfect grip so you can have greater control over the machine without feeling hand fatigue.

How to Mix Thinset for Tile

Mixing the thinset in small amounts is easy and beneficial for a DIYer. It’s also crucial to get the right proportions to mix the thinset perfectly so you can keep the tile in place, ensuring durability. Let’s start the process by collecting these tools and equipment:

How to Mix Thinset for Tile
  • 5-gallon bucket
  • Corded power drill
  • Thinset mortar
  • Mixing paddle
  • Water source

Put the right amount of water in the bucket

In general, thinset is prone to hardening very quickly. So, you should mix only the amount that you can finish within half an hour. The manufacturer provides information on how much water to use for a certain amount of thinset on the back of the bag. So, you have to calculate how much water to apply to a small batch of thinset that you have taken.

For instance, 5-6 quarts of water is usually essential for a 50 lbs bag of thinset. So, if you want to mix a 25-pound thinset, you should use 3 quarts of water. Likewise, put 1.5 quarts of water in a bucket to mix up 1/4 of the bag.

Apply thinset mortar powder

Pour your desired amount of thinset mortar powder into the bucket that you consider to figure out the amount of water. Since it’s difficult to apply the exact amount, don’t worry if you pour slightly less or more.

Mix the thinset and water with a drill

Attach the mixing attachment to your corded drill and set the drill at a lower speed setting. They start by mixing the thinset powder and water together. While mixing the thinset, move the drill up and down the bucket so you can remove the whole pockets of the thinset. Keep mixing the thinset until you notice it is like creamy peanut butter. You can also put some water to get the desired mixture if required.

Let the thinset set

After mixing the thinset, let it slake for around 10 minutes. But don’t touch it or add water immediately. The purpose of leaving the mixture for some time is to let the thinset and mixture combine properly so you can have the right texture and thickness to set the tile.

Mix it up again

After the timer goes off, remix the thinset. Then let it rest for another two to three minutes (don’t wait more than five minutes) and the mixture is ready to use. You can also mix it again during installing the tile but don’t add extra water.

Benefits of using the Best Drill for Mixing Thinset

Whether you are an expert or a seasonal DIYer, having a drill for mixing thinset will give you flexibility over lots of applications. The adequate RPM of a thinset mixing drill helps avoid the mixture from soaking moisture up.

Thus, the DIYer can maintain the quality of the mixture without causing any air bubbles. Despite this, mixing solid materials is quite hard, especially if you can’t produce enough force. This is another criterion where a thinset mixing drill comes in handy. You cannot beat the power and torque that a thinset mixing drill can deliver during the mixing process.

Another function that makes a thinset mixing drill beneficial is its variable speed trigger. This function will not only let you start mixing the thinset at a slower speed but also help prevent overflows. This function is also helpful for having a bubble-free thinset mixer. In short, by using a drill for mixing thinset, you will have ultimate control with comfort over the mixing project.

A few Common uses of Mixer Drill

As mentioned, the mixer drill is a versatile tool that is suitable for mixing various types of fluids. The most common of them are:


Concrete is a highly common material in today’s world that is used to construct walls, roads, floors, and bridges. A mixer can be a handy item to mix a small batch of concrete for an occasional home improvement project.

Mortar and Cement

Both are stickier materials, and their texture can become thicker over time. Having a mixer drill in your hand will help retain the workable condition of this cement and mortar mixes for a long time.

Epoxy and Resin

The texture of the resin and epoxy is smoother and creamier. Thus, these require a consistent pebble-like cake batter beater. A mixer drill with a variable speed trigger is the way to go for this operation, as mixing resin or epoxy requires a slower speed. Otherwise, high speed can create a bubble in the mixer.

Drywall Mud

This mixer is essential for mixing drywall. While mixing drywall mud, can produce debris on the edge of the container. Thus, a mixer drill and paddle with a hole is a perfect combination for this project.

FAQs on Best Drill for Mixing Thinset

Which type of drill is ideal for mixing thinset?

Though both corded and cordless drills are suitable for mixing thinset, a corded one is preferable. Nixing thenset requires low speed and consistent operation. So, a tool with limited runtime can cause you to unfinished thinset mixing task. Plus, mixing gallons of thinset requires higher torque at low speed. The corded drill is equipped with a more powerful motor and RMP design than its cousin, the cordless drill.

Can I use a normal drill to mix thenset?

A standard drill doesn’t intend to mix thinset. Mixing thinset requires more torque at low speed and consistent operation. If you use a typical drill that has a low RPM to mix thinset, you can end up burning the motor.

How to mix thinset mortar using a drill?

To mix thinset, you must set the drill speed at its lowest setting. After mixing, sometimes move the mixing paddle all the way from the top to the bottom of the bucket to properly mix. Then apply the reverse speed to take the air bubble off the mixer. You should complete the thinset mixing job in two parts, with around a ten-minute interval between parts.

How long will thinset last after mixing?

Thinset mixers don’t last long after mixing. Thus, experts recommend mixing only the amount of thinset that you can finish within 30 minutes. The thinset mixer can last for around three hours, after which it can get hardened.

Can I mix the thinset using a cordless drill?

A cordless drill is powerful enough to mix thinset in small batches. So, it will work fine as long as you use a cordless drill to mix a small amount of thinset for your home improvement project.

Final Words

A mixing drill is a must-have tool whether you are a contractor or a seasonal DIYer. While looking for the best drill for mixing thinset, make sure it is versatile enough to help you out in mud grout or concrete mixing operations. When it comes to type, a corded drill is much more appropriate than a battery-powered one.

Throughout the guide, we have listed some of the best thinset mixing drills that come from reliable brands and with solid construction. I hope you find the list enough to pick your desired thinset mixing drill by getting help from the buying guide.

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