7 Best Drill Bit for Drilling out Broken Bolts

Why do we use drill bit? Drill bits are used as cutting tools to remove substances to make holes or to drill broken bolts. In this article, we have enlisted some best drill bit for drilling out broken bolts that will never make you feel discontent after using the tools.

We are suggesting these excellent tools since they are made of superior technology and upgrades, so they will last longer with outstanding performance.

DIYers Pick: 5 Best Drill Bit for Drilling out Broken Bolts

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac IRWIN Drill Bit Extractor Brand: Irwin Tools
Material Type:
High-Speed Steel
Flute Type: Spiral
Shank Type: Straight
Voltage: 110 Volts
6.8 x 4.5 x 0.8 inches
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backpac NEIKO 10037A Left Hand Drill Bit Set Brand: Neiko
High-Speed Steel
Finish Type:
Titanium, Steel
Shank Type: Straight
Type: Spiral
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cordlessblower BOSCH BSPE6D Screw Extractor Set Manufacturer: ‎Bosch
Flutes Type :
Left-hand flutes
Made of: Heat-treated
carbon steel
10.15 x 1.86 x 8 inches
Check Price
cordlessblower Screw X-Tractor Screw Extractor Kit Brand: ‎Screw X-Tractor
Dimensions: ‎
3.43 x 2.44 x 0.7 inches
Type: 100% Matte 
Check Price
cordlessblower BOSCH Self-Centering Drill Bit Brand: BOSCH
Material: Alloy Steel
Shank Type: Straight
Type of Flute:
Check Price

Generally, drilling projects demand a good drill bit but when it’s about broken bolts, you’ll definitely need a high-end tool. In general, a solid HSS drill bit will smoothly drill the broken bolt; however, employ moderate rotation on the drill, little lubrication on the bit, and sustained pressure. 

These special drill bits features are included in our suggested products to help you drill out broken and sheared bolts. So, before we make further late, let’s check out what are the best drilling tool waiting for you!

Top Drill Bit

Best Drill Bit for Drilling out Broken Bolts

IRWIN Screw Extractor Drill Bit for Drilling out Broken Bolts

  • This tool is suitable to remove bolts, broken studs, socket screws,  or any kind of fittings.
  • Contains a spiral left-hand setting for increased gripping strength or power.
  • Spiral flutes in the easy-out design embed themselves to increase grip as resistance increases.
  • On each instrument, the extractor size and suggested drill bit size are mentioned for convenience.
  • The screw extractors size EX-1 to EX-5 are included, as well as drill bits sizes 5/64″, 7/64″, 5/32″, 1/4″, and 19/64″ and the set has a metal type index case.
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  • Brand – Irwin Tools
  • Material Type – High-Speed Steel
  • Tool Flute Type: Spiral
  • Shank Type – Straight
  • Voltage ‎- 110 Volts
  • Dimensions – 6.8 x 4.5 x 0.8 inches
  • Customer Rating – 4.5 stars from 5

This is true, but unfortunate when you don’t have a suitable drill bit since you have to suffer every time you attempt to perform a drilling project. So, how about trying Irwin’s unique drill bit set for a broken bolt? Check out the Irwin Set of Drill Bits, which is a worthy and full set with durability.

The IRWIN Spiral Extractor and Drill Bit Set (10 Piece) has a strong left-hand design for better gripping strength. You’ll also appreciate the effortless 135-degree spiral flutes, and split point, which incorporate deeper into the steel as the tool is rotated, and increase the grip as resistance changes.

  • The IRWIN 10 Piece Tool Kit fast and effectively unsticks the most regularly used attachment sizes. The spiral left-hand method improves gripping power. You will love the drill bits and easy outs strength as nails and will not fracture under heavy stress. Have a case for storage of drill bits and screw extractor. Each tool has the extractor size and suggested drill bit size written into it.

  • Occasionally, on the second bolt to withdraw, the bit fractured in half, requiring the use of the following smallest bit to complete the task. The heat instantly caused the extractor to overheat, but this isn’t a major concern. Or extractors are far superior to drills, however, the set as a whole does an excellent job of drilling.

Runner Up

Drill Bit for Broken Bolts

NEIKO 10037A Drill Bit Set for Broken Bolts

  • The Neiko drill set is made of high-speed steel HSS with titanium nitride covering.
  • Special left-hand arrangement used with reversible drills with screw extractors to remove bolts, broken fasteners and screws, home repairing studs, automobile garage work, and more.
  • It has a twist style to boost cutting speed, as well as angled tip with the 135 D split point for perfect self-centering plus making holes faster.
  • Every bit has its own hole in the drill holder with the size index marked.
  • The set is available in 15 different sizes with outstanding metal index cases.
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  • Brand – Neiko
  • Material – High-Speed Steel
  • Finish Type – Titanium, Steel
  • Shank Type -Straight
  • Type of Tool Flute – Spiral
  • Cutting Angle String – 135 Degrees
  • Dimensions – 14.17 x 9.06 x 7.87 inches
  • Customer Reviews – 4.3-star

Having a strong tool is a lifesaver for us. Similarly, a strong drill bit, such as the NEIKO 10037A drill bit set, is good for excellent performance and strength while drilling. Seems like they are never going to be old! Just an example, just kidding!

This time, we recommend the Neiko brand unique drill bit 15-Piece Left Handed Titanium Screw Extractor with metal index storage box included for simple size identification. Just purchase this one and enjoy the drill time!

  • The tool is made of high-speed steel and has a titanium nitride covering. Another appealing feature is the superb twist design, which helps to boost cutting speed. Then there’s the 135-degree split point. Furthermore, using a specific left-hand setting, you will easily remove any broken bolts or fasteners. They come in a variety of sizes, with size index marks for simple storage and management.

  • You may need to use smooth pressure or no wiggle if you don’t want to break the drill bit tool in the hole you’re drilling. We sometimes noticed that they broke on the first try, which is rare. However, overall performance is satisfactory.

Premium Pick

Drill Bits Extractor

BOSCH Spiral Flute Drill Bits Extractor

  • The toolset is heat-treated carbon steel, will offer exceptional durability.
  • In order to remove broken bolts, stripped screws, and some other fasteners, the tool has screw extractors.
  • You can securely grip the metal with the help of left-hand flutes.
  • The tool’s accuracy of rolled threads is just amazing to machined threads.
  • Another excellent feature is this tool is rust and tarnish-resistant so it will be durable enough.
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  • Manufacturer – ‎Bosch
  • Flutes Type – Left-hand flutes
  • Made of – Heat-treated carbon steel
  • Product Dimensions – ‎10.15 x 1.86 x 8 inches
  • Customer Rating – 4 star rating

Tired of drilling with the old extractor or drill bit set? Check out another best drill bit for drilling out broken bolts, which is the BOSCH power tool for drilling. Why we are recommending this one? 

Since the Bosch Spiral Screw Separator Sets include extractors designed specifically for removing stripped screws, bolts, and other fasteners. It’s a fantastic tool constructed of heat-treated carbon steel with a rust and tarnish-resistant feature, as well as a left-hand flutes handle or spiral flutes, rolled threads, and laser-etched marking for size recognition that you’ll appreciate.

  • The construction is excellent and ridged. It has a screw extractor for fasteners like bolts. Have a design made of heat-treated carbon steel that is rust- or tarnish-resistant. The left-hand flutes for holding and the roller threads for accuracy, combined with the laser-etched labeling for identification, are additional great parts.

  • The bolt extractors are worn out and take more time, according to some users, but if you are a pro, you should be able to handle the drilling task with ease.

Extractor Kit

Damaged Drill Bits Extractor Kit

Screw X-Tractor Damaged Drill Bits Extractor Kit

  • 4 screw extractor bits are compatible with any drill and any screw or bolt size around 3 to 12mm.
  • More durable than the majority of screw extractors on the market and made of a harder substance.
  • Using an extractor tool, it is simple to remove a screw or bolt.
  • The damaged screw is turned counterclockwise with the extractor tools until it releases.
  • Bolts or fasteners of the stubborn variety can be removed with striped screw extractors.
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  • Brand – ‎Screw X-Tractor
  • Dimensions – ‎3.43 x 2.44 x 0.7 inches
  • Type – 100% Matte
  • Strength – Screw extractor can remove stubborn bolts 
  • Durability – HARDNESS 63-65HRC
  • Warranty – Backed by 3 Tier 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Customer Ratings – 3.9 rating

Say goodbye to the hassle with our new 4-piece Broken Bolt Extractor and Screw Remover Set from Screw X-Tractor. It is a very user-friendly and highly efficient instrument for drilling broken bolts and, in particular, for cutting soft metal.

The four-piece 100% matte screw extractors are appropriate with any drill and any type of screw or bolt to unfasten. The striped screw extractor is strong enough to remove even the hardest-to-remove bolts. The extremely easy-to-use tool has a hardness range of 63-65HRC, so you don’t need to worry about its efficiency or reliability.

  • The tool can drill any bolt or screw (3-12mm). With an extractor, even the most difficult bolts or screws can be simply removed. You won’t have to be sad because it’s simple to use and has outstanding durability.

  • Only if the screw is made of soft metal is this product useful. However, if you know the techniques, you can easily finish your drilling project.

Best Overall

Drill Bit for Broken Bolts

Bosch CC2430 Self-Centering Drill Bit for Broken Bolts

  • This drill bit is perfect for various precise woodworking projects like the cabinet or door hinges.
  • Get a precise center and drill holes in wood with this drill bit.
  • For minimal downtime and excellent productivity, they’ve got the Clic-Change design.
  • The self-centering helps to drill with outstanding accuracy with less pressure.
  • Also, it’s fast, loads with one hand, and releases bits.
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  • Brand – BOSCH
  • Material – Alloy Steel
  • Shank Type – Straight
  • Type of Tool Flute – Straight
  • Warranty Description ‎- 1 Year
  • Customers Review – 4.7 rating

You recently have an urgent need for a drill bit since your existing one has suddenly worn out. Would you like to meet another top-rated best drill bits for drilling out bolts? Check out the BOSCH special Self-Centering Hinge Bits for efficient woodworking and installation of cabinet and door hinges.

They also have a self-centering guideline with a spring-loaded system that perfectly positions the bit to drill holes. The company has been providing consumers with excellent tools for broken bolts for over 70 years. So, we promise this tool will never break your heart!

  • This tool is self-centering, easier, and one of the best drill bits for drilling out broken bolts. You can undoubtedly state that it is a fantastic addition to the toolkit for drilling rusted bolts. This drill bit is highly advised if you’ve ever needed to drill holes for hinges or door latches. Since the tool has the best center pilot bits, you’ll also enjoy it while working.

  • The tool may become defective occasionally if it cannot withstand a lot of pressure, but don’t worry, it’s still worth the money.

Customer Choice

Drill Bits for Drilling out Broken Bolts

Amazon Basics: Drill Bits for Drilling out Broken Bolts

  • High-speed steel construction with a black nitride surface and quenching operation.
  • The drill can cut off any hard metal, such as stainless steel, titanium alloy, or aluminum alloy.
  • Quality grinding inclined blade helps in efficient drilling, tremendous cutting power, and good chip removal.
  • The kit has a case for convenient storage and transport with 1-year limited warranty.
  • Drill bits are available in the following sizes: 2x 1/16-inch, 2x 5/64-inch, 2x 3/32-inch, 7/64-inch, 1/8-inch, 9/64-inch, 5/32-inch, 11/64-inch, 3/16-inch, 13/64-inch, 7/32-inch, 15/64-inch, 1/4-inch, 17/64-inch, 9/32-inch, 5/16-inch, 11/32-inch, and 3/8-inch.
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  • Brand – Amazon Basics
  • Material – High-Speed Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Finish Type – Titanium, Black
  • Shank Type – Straight
  • Type of Tool Flute – ‎Spiral
  • Item Dimensions – 6.5 x 4.33 x 1.57 inches
  • Warranty – 1-year warranty.
  • Customer Review –  4.3 rating

Broken bolts  Need to cut out metals or other materials immediately since you have a short amount of time to perform the drilling job? Amazon Basics Drill Bit Set – 21 Piece is another top-rated drill tool at a low price waiting for you in the market.

Why should you choose the Amazon Basics drill set? Because they have accessible sizes and are built of high-speed steel, they enable quick drilling with added strength. They provide a one-year warranty, so any problems you may encounter can be resolved by the manufacturer.

  • An excellent value toolbox with 21 different drill sizes. The tool provides quick drilling, outstanding cutting power, and good chip removal. It’s a low-cost tool set with a case for simple storage and transportation, and the warranty will relieve you of any stress.

  • Although not ideal for heavy-duty and brittle, if the capacity is maintained, the tool will rock the project.  So, you can consider it as another best drill bit for broken bolts.

Made in USA

Drill Bit Set for Drilling out Broken Bolts

Drill Hog: Left Hand Drill Bits for Drilling out Broken Bolts

  • The set is composed of Niobium and has a melting temperature of 4,476°F.
  • You can cut or drill the hardest steel, including grade 8 bolts, truck frames, stainless steel, spring steel, farm tools, and more.
  • Left-hand drill bits are ideal for quickly removing broken bolts.
  • The drill bit sets left-hand thread flutes counterclockwise.
  • Sizes range from 1/16 to 1/4 by 1/64th.
Check Price on Amazon
  • Brand – Drill Hog
  • Material Type – Stainless Steel
  • Shank Type – Straight
  • Dimensions – 44 x 44 x 18 inches
  • Type of Tool Flute – Spiral
  • Warranty – Lifetime
  • Customer Review – 4.5 rating

So, this is our last but top-class recommendation of the best drill bit for drilling out broken bolts.  This time, it’s about users’ favorite Drill Hog unique NIOBIUM Left Hand Drill Bit Set. Do you know that Drill Hog offers Lifetime Warranty Drill Bits?

Additionally, they have recently developed the most modern technology for left-hand drill bits. The flutes work in the other direction, or counterclockwise, and are great for removing fractured bolts, nuts, or screws. Another uniqueness is Niobium, which has a melting temperature of 4,476° Fahrenheit. However, let’s explore more in the feature section.

  • So, the tool kit has excellent sturdiness with Niobium Nb41 Steel. The drill bit’s left-hand thread has counterclockwise flutes and is ideal for removing or cutting broken bolts, studs, or screws.

  • Some users have complained that the lifetime is poor and that the blades are not properly sharpened. But faults we found in rare cases.

Factors to pick the Best Drill Bit for Drilling out Broken Bolts

When purchasing any drill machine or tool, make sure to follow our guidelines to ensure you get an effective and long-lasting tool to drill damaged bolts.

Material Type

First of all, look at the material type, such as HSS or tungsten carbide. High-Speed Steel is a popular material for use in drill bits due to its increased red hardness and better resistance to abrasion. High-speed steel drill can be used to drill wood, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), fiberglass, or soft metals like aluminum.


In terms of durability, you should use one 3/16″ drill bit about every Hundred holes. Furthermore, high-speed steel can drill holes in stainless steel, aluminum steel, and low-carbon steel around 150-450 holes. However, it’s highly dependent on the depth of the holes and the diameter of the bit. Overcome the corrosion and get increased longevity by picking a black oxide-coated drill.

Sharpness Level

Using a dull drill bit can cause overheating, and uneven cutting that ultimately damages the tool. Therefore, we recommend a sharp drill bit that maximizes efficiency and drilling performance, and sharpens the drill bit should be from 3-22 mm. The best option would be to have the carbide-tipped bits retain their sharpness. Also, remember that the HSS titanium-coated bits have reduced friction, and choose cobalt drill bits as it’s hard and absorbs heat quickly.

Ideal Size

Check the size and fit as it varies depending on the machine. Drill bit tool size varies from 80 small to size 1 which is the largest, with letter gauge sizes A to size Z. Usually, we drill bit sizes of 1/16′′, 5/64′′, 3/32′′, 7/64′′, 1/8′′, or 9/64′′. If you want to know the size of your drill bit, tap-drill diameter = standard diameter minus (−) thread pitch. 

Type of Drill Bit

Many drill bits are classified depending on the materials in which they can produce holes. Drilling bits are currently classified into two types: rolling cutter bits and fixed cutter bits. There are numerous drill bit designs and shapes available on the market. You should select a drill bit type based on your demands, such as twist, center, step, conical, reamer, or insert. Remember that the bit angle is also crucial.

How Do You Drill out A Broken Bolt?

With the strain off a bolt shank, you can remove it with a chisel and unscrew it from the hole.

How Do You Drill out A Broken Bolt

Start bolt removal by marking the pilot with a center punch and drilling out the bolt to allow the installation of a bolt extractor.

Then, a little 1/8-inch pilot hole will act as a guide for the larger drill bits. Now, use a bigger 1/4-inch drill bit next. After that, heat the casting carefully to permit expansion around your bolt shank.

Well, it’s time to use a penetrating lubricant. So, the bolt shank is properly removed. It’s now time to clean the threads to make installation easier. As a result, employ a thread chaser.

How to Remove a Damaged Drill Bit

Suddenly Twisted off the head of a 10mm bolt when installing the engine sub-ground cable on the Honda. You’d like to drill out the broken bolt, but which drill bits are appropriate for the job, and how should you do it? 

Simply clamp locking pliers around the cracked end of the drill bit to withdraw it from the hole. Now, get a soft metal or copper rod close to the hole size to remove the fractured drill bit. 

Missing out on reaching the broken end with pliers? Use a chisel to carve a little depressed area all-around bit. Lastly, twist the pliers counterclockwise to release the bit. Note that the soft metal rod might take the shape of the voids in the carbide drilling flutes.

Anyway, we have the best drill bit for drilling out broken bolts recommended above. We hope any of them can help you to complete your drilling job effortlessly.

FAQs on Best Drill Bit for Broken Bolts

How do you stop a small drill bit from breaking?

Soft materials, such as aluminum and brass, produce long spirals of swarf rather than just chips, which might clog the small drill bit. Therefore, break every 10 to 15 seconds to stop drilling, reverse the bit to break, remove the bit to wipe away any leftover particles, and then restart drilling.

When should you replace drill bits?

We frequently change the drill bit when our pocket holes become muddy or jagged and we estimated a 3/16″ drill bit with every 100 holes. However, it depends on the depth of the holes and the diameter of the bit. Furthermore, pulling a broken Kreg pocket hole bit across the balloon or it doesn’t pop also says your drill bit is faulty or dull. So, change the dull bit right away.

Why did my drill bit break?

Employing the wrong drill for the material to be drilled, poor chip removal, low cutting speed, improper cooling, and using a handheld drill instead of a pillar drill can all lead to drill bit breakage. But possibly the drill bit is broken near the end of the flute most likely due to undetected breakage produced by radial strain. Or, if the large torque causes twisted breaking, the bit will break in the middle of the flute.

Can you drill out a broken drill bit?

Yes,  it’s possible to drill through glass with the drill bit. Attach a drill bit with a shorter diameter than the broken bit to the power drill. You can add a drop of cutting oil on the bit’s end.

How do you get a stuck drill bit out from a Chuck?

You may need to twist the pliers. Usually, we use a screwdriver or other tinier device into the new hole and smash it against the drill bit. We hope it all works out. Also, we recommend that you place the drill in reverse, grip the chuck securely, and slowly pull the trigger until you can no longer hold on.

Final Words

Well, it’s time to conclude the review session. So we are done sharing the top class and definitely the 7 Best Drill Bit For Drilling Out Broken Bolts. Every single drilling tool is amazing since all of them have the features like HSS materials, black oxide-coated drill, carbide tipped drill, cobalt trill, and of course the twist or straight type. 

We also talked about the tips to drill out the broken bolt along with the easiest way to remove the drill bit. Hope this article helped you to pick your best drill bit tool to successfully complete the drilling project. Good Luck!

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